Friday, 13 March 2009

Images for evaluation

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Guidance Rating

As this film is suppose to be a adventure for children I will give the film a guidance rating of a "U" or a "PG", as these can be seen by all children. A "PG" can only be seen under the age of eight years old unless they are supervised by an adult.


All of the music

When I did the music I tried to compose a totally different type of music each time so that we would be able to change the mood of the sequence by having different types of music. I found this fact out by watching the special features of the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" DVD. The music we finally chose for the final cut was the really cheesy music so it would attract the audience’s attention and keep them interested in watching the rest of the film. We changed the volume in the music to make it more interesting and we had it go right up to the blast when the two different people are in the same world. The other type of music that I composed for this was a more relaxing music where it kept changing from happy to sad but I had to be very careful as the whole piece of music was in a major key. I also tried different tempos to change the intensity of the sequence.


Friday, 6 March 2009

music for the group video

This is the music which we would have used for the group filming if it was going to be the final cut, however because of the unfortunate discovery that we had insufficient footage, we decided to go further with this, and to go back and concentrate with the original footage, so that we would have time to edit it before the deadline, was was quite a good choice because, in the original footage compared with the footage that we shot altogether, there is more going on with a variety of shots and they where a good enough length to cut down, to fit in with the footage. While the one that we shot together, the footage, was not long enough, and the there was not a large amount of shot angles that would improve the footage.

Now for the musical technical side. I used my favorite format for composing which is the minimalism build up style. This is where tracks keep repeating and the and the different keep laying over each other to make texture. I added the people talking to make it sound as if it was a disc jokey. I wanted to make a heavy rock music as the majority of young people like that type of music and as it is and opening sequence for young people we would need to make it something that would attract their attention. Plus, as it is an opening sequence I thought that it should be more uplifting and get it the audience motivated. As the music is really long I added in lyrics that was built in to the Soundtrack Pro Software. I found that when I played the music I could imagine me being in a club dancing to this music, as it is very similar to the club music. So therefore, we didn't use it as it would not be suitable for a PG or 12A film.

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Filming with Group:

This week I managed to finally do some filming with my group, we successfully organized our roles so that we knew what we where doing, we found some ideal locations which where not too far away so that we could shoot during lessons.
However unfortunately the footage was insufficient, and we did not have as much going on as in the original footage, which made it less exciting, and a bit boring, so we edited it into the sequence and then went back to the original footage to improve on it.
This is the one that does not work as well.

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Final Cut

This final cut shows you the opening to our film "The Line that Cracked' I thought that this title was appropriate because it discretely tells you what the film is about for example the bit about the line that cracked tells you that two things that where not supposed to meet have met, meaning the boy from the real world and the boy from the fantasy world. The title also shows the boundaries of the emotions between the two, and how they differ, as how they are the same.



Due to my group being absent for a large portion of the time we where supposed to be doing the work I have had to do the majority of the editing by my self as well as trying my best to keep us up to date with all the work.
Luckily however I did manage to do some filming, with at least one member of my group, however the footage was unfortunately not sufficient enough to create an effective opening sequence. so I have gone back to editing the original footage to create the 'Final Cut'.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rough Cut

The rough cut shows our basic idea, with the clips going between each of the different characters, it also shows us what we will need to improve in our final cut for example, the actual cutting between each of the clips, most importantly the last few clips near the end as they need to follow on from each other without much movement of the camera, so that it will work. This rough cut was over a minute longer than we expected which allowed it to be cut down to make it more interesting, and to keep the audience interested in what is going on.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Props and costumes:

In Our opening sequence we have the total of three characters (one unnamed)
The first character that we will need to organize some props and costume for will be our character called Lewis (the boy from the real world).
Costume: He ideally will need to wear some smart casual clothing, making him look as if he makes an effort, the clothing will however be certified closer to the time.
Props: He will need a back pack which we can just use one of the groups bags, we will also need for certain shots, a large text book, as well as the normal school equipment, that will be all that we will need for all the shots that he is in.
For the second character (from the fictional world) will need:
Costume: something simple, nothing too stylish or brightly colored, perhaps a dull but natural color.
Props: He will not heed anything as such however we may change this closer to the time.
The third character we will need something simple, but quite weird, not, not average clothing, perhaps a low hanging coat.
The rest of the characters, will not need any props as they can use what they have on them.
These props and costumes are easy to get hold because if my group cannot provide any of them I will definitely able to.


Locations, that are easy to get to:

Because of the snow we have been having this week, I have not been able to confer with the rest of my group, as they have not been in lessons at all this week, for various reasons.
So I have decided to make it easier for us to catch up with the schedule, that we should use the locations in Long Road, which we where originally planning anyway. For shooting the scenes that we were originally deciding to shoot possibly, at one of our groups gardens, however to make it easier, I have seen an ideal location, that we can use that is close to Long Road, but is ideal for the shoots that we are planning for one of our characters, I have decided on these particularly easy to get to locations, so that we film during lesson time. I will still have to confer with my group to see if they approve of these locations.


Complications when prepering for shooting:

My group have had a few major complications which have set us back quite a bit, for example, with the snow we have been having, Long Road was closed on Tuesday, so we could not organize when we could book the camera and take it out for filming. Then, the rest of the week none of my group have turned up for media, so again I have not been able organize when or where we are going to shoot.
However I have decided where we can shoot, so that we can catch up, with our Rough Cut deadline, this could be set back however if my group if they do turn up next week, and disagree with these locations or if they may not be able to reach this, then we may have to resort to, a less effective location for the rough cut.

I hope that we will not have any of these complications, while we are planning and filming our final cut.


Thursday, 5 February 2009


When we start shooting, we probably will be located in Long Road, where we will be using a classroom to film one of particular shots, in this shot we will need to enlist the help of a few people outside the group so that we can gain an effective classroom situation, instead of it being obvious that it was done with only one actor making it less like a film. So we will probably enlist the help of a few of our friends that have frees the same time as us. If we do use them then this particular shot will need a lot more effort into all the roles that we play for example directing so that everyone will know what they are doing at a given time. Another example as well would be the cameraman as he ill need enough space to move the camera round, and keep it steady.


A possible way to do the music for the opening sequence:

The music that we will incorporate in our opening sequence, will probably be to separate types, one quite dark will the other is quite cheerful the only things that we will have to consider when we do this to make it work would be to have both tracks in a similar key, and also to have similar parts in each track so that when we switch between them gradually, it will not cause distress or sound out of place, instead we want it to fit in with each other so that they can work with the moods of the characters. Finally, near the end of the tracks and the opening sequence we will want the tracks to merge in with each other so as you will be getting to different moods from the characters in the same shots so, the music will have to merge because of that.


Effects that we could Incorporate in the editing:

To give a good effect to our opening sequence once we have filmed it and started the editing, would be to change the images, by raising or lowering the brightness, to reflect the mood. Also we could incorporate changing the contrast of the images by changing the color levels, especially for the footage of the boy called Jasper, who in the film comes from a type of fantasy realm. To make the scenery in this realm look fantastical we would change the color contrast, as well as, brightness, just to make it a little more like this type of landscape is impossible to come across in real life.


Location Ideas, and Complications to face.

When we go out to shoot we will be using a wide range of locations to bring forward our rough cut. Firstly, when we shoot the sequences for our character Lewis we will probably be using locations in and around Cambridge, some examples of these would be of rural city streets, but majority of shots for Lewis will be shot around college, in the classroom and just outside one of the blocks.
For the sequence involving our character Jasper we will probably shooting outside of Cambridge, perhaps in a park or woodland which would be more preferable. We have decided to take photos of our surrounding area to so that we can compare them and then decide where would the best place to shoot our opening sequence. The only complication then is that will we all be able to reach the preferred location or do we have resort to another location so that we all can get to it, so we may have to allow for some leeway.
We will also have to keep an eye on the weather so that when we do start filming we will be filming in the desired weather conditions to give the idea mood to the film.


Friday, 30 January 2009

Shot List:

  1. Door slams-Lewis walks down path, long shot.
  2. walks down street, mid shot.
  3. Long shot of Lewis walking towards camera.
  4. Jasper walks through door, mid shot.
  5. Long shot walking down path.
  6. Mid shot walking past camera.
  7. Mid shot Lewis in classroom, sitting down at desk.
  8. Camera rotates around Lewis.
  9. Continuing rotation, Lewis rests his head on hand, staring blankly at book.
  10. long shot Jasper,walks past camera.
  11. camera pans round Jasper, Mid shot to shot 12.
  12. Over shoulder shot, showing scenery.
  13. Lewis sitting on bench, eat lunch.
  14. Over shoulder shot, bullies walking towards, Lewis.
  15. Long shot, Lewis gets beaten up by bullies.
  16. close up of hands, Lewis gives money to bullies.
  17. Mid shot, Jasper climbs tree.
  18. Jasper, sits in branch and looks down away from camera.
  19. Close up of Jaspers head, show figure walking towards him.
  20. Lewis walks down street, towards camera.
  21. side view mid shot, of Lewis. cyclist cycles past.
  22. continuing shot, Jasper appears other side of street, Lewis walks of camera.
  23. Continuing shot, Jasper crosses road, and walks past camera.
  24. Shot from behind of Lewis and Jasper walking down street. (Jasper, keeps looking around fascinated by what he sees).
This is a ruff shot list of what are film opening is going to be like, we may make a few changes later on.

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Animatic storyboard:

This Animatic, shows how are opening sequence is going to be laid out, with the fades, representing, the switch between worlds. Near the end, of the clip, there is a fade not between the worlds but between movements, this is because, it follows on better, so that it is easier to under stand what is going on between the two images. The last fade was put in to match the music and also, so that we may place the title there, to start the full story off.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Storyboard Information + Animatic plan

The story board shows certain, events from both worlds that coincide with each other, centralizing on the two boys, all these events are happening in one day of their life. The last few shots show in the fantasy world, show the boy climbing a tree, and resting there, the camera moves closer in showing the ground around him, this shows you a man walking towards the tree which the boy is sitting on.

The last shots with the boy from the real world shows him walking home from school, (head is looking down. A cyclist, goes past, and when that happens, the boy from the fantasy world appears, looks around, and slowly walks in the same direction that the real boy walks, he keeps looking around fascinated.

The anamatic will show you a ruff cinematic view of how the actually film will look, showing the time of each shot, and the motion of the camera.


The Storyboard

The storyboard is a picture animated version of what we will be filming and how we're going to film it. Our storyboard shows the two different life styles in the real world and the fantasy world. Basically, the real world is shown as really bad and a lot of things go wrong where as the fantasy world is perfect.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

Final synopsis:

We are using the third option which is a children adventure film. Our Idea is to have a story centralizing around two young boys, who live in completely different worlds, one lives in our world called Lewis, while the other one lives in a world of fantasy called Jasper. The film centralizes around the idea that Jasper manages to travel to the real world, where he meets Lewis, who is having social troubles, Jasper fascinated by the real world, brightening up Lewis life, and the way they see that world. However, Jasper, unused to how the real world works, ends up getting into trouble, and Lewis has to get him out of it. In the end Lewis, learns to live life to the full, whilst Jasper comes to terms on how the real world works. The films end with both the boys going to the fantasy world.
This synopsis tells you what the whole film is about and not just what is in the opening sequence. It helps us give an idea on how the film will work and what we will need to do to make the opening sequence.

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

This is our Mood Board:

This shows you the atmosphere of what are opening sequence will be like, while also keeping, the imagery similar to what we hope to achieve. For example The Black and White Photographs represent a dismal representation of the real world, while the color images show a bright, cheerful environment, for the fantasy world. The music for this mood board also gives the impressions of a dark mood, and a cheerful mood switching between each other. I put a calm muted drum beat to keep the interest of the audience as it is a fairly ling piece of music. Also to do this I put a syncopated bass rhythm into it. And finally just for the feel and effect I put a syncopated tambourine quietly in the background, this give the piece a more rounded feel. I made it slightly shorter by changing the tempo of the piece. I feel personally this also makes the piece sound better and more appealing to the audience. Plus, I changed the key of the piece of the music as I felt that playing the piece in C major was boring and uninteresting. Therefore, I changed the key to Bb minor as this is out of my personal experience a really nice key for the piano to play in. The music was done by Steve. This is essential for what we want to achieve for the opening because, we are planning to introduce the two main characters, by showing certain events in an average day of the completely different lives.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mood board ideas-

The Ideas that we have for what images we will use to represent our Opening sequence:
The type of images that we will use for the real boy are black and white images of cities, city life, school.
The fantasy boy the images that will represented him are fantasy worlds in color, and menial work in color.

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Developing on the Idea 6 for our film synopsis:

Idea six: A person from a fantasy world finds their way into our world:

Possible beginning:
11 year old boy called Jasper, who lives in this fantasy magical world, somehow manages to do to the real world where he meets a boy from the real world called Lewis, who is quite sad, the fantasy boy, makes friends with real boy.

Introduction will show the daily routines of each of the boys
Fantasy boy has manual work - real boy has school and education.

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Sysnopsis ideas:

1-Alien theme- boy gets a lift home from school from Aliens-

2- supper Villain- a film from the view of the villain-

3- story about a giant called Stinkrot-

4- speaking animals - who struggle, escape from a renegade alien**

5- Child wins holiday but it all goes wrong.*

6- Fantasy person travels to the real world***

Key: * are groups favorite ideas.

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Production Logo

Our YAY production logo:

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Production Logo anaylsis:

This Production Logo is simple, making hard to forget, also just by looking at the logo you can tell what the company deals in as it doesn't have anything that doesn't relate to it. However you could say that because it relates to the company it looks a bit dull because it has limited colours so would probably not stick in your mind.

The 20th Century FOX logo is a more attractive logo firstly it has vibrant colours and it is 3D making it graphically more interesting and the light beams give a sense of a premier look, for example the premier of film which is what it is advertising, so as wells looking good and interesting it is also showing you what the production company is about.

We feel that a film producer that would most probably present our show would be "Dreamworks" as this is often a company that is used for children's films like "Shrek" etc.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Goonies analysis -childerens adventure sequence-

The Goonies opening sequence at the start gives you an impression of a dark film as at the begging following some of the titles, you only hear some foot steps on a hard floor, accompanied with a black background, with white title lettering, with images of skulls. This in total gives you the impression of a dark film, that you would not think of being a film for children. After the title at the beginning you find that the footsteps belong to a policeman, who discovers a man who supposedly hanged himself but faked it so that he could escape. You then get the whole escapade where the man escapes in a jeep with whom you suspect are his family members, they block the path of the police by creating a wall of fire round the main entrance. They escape with a few police cars chasing them, the police being held up by a car block their path, but in the end, they loose them selves in a car beach race, ending the titles.
The music changes when the man escapes into a Jolly sort escapee music which lightens the tone of the film making you think that it is more comical than you first make it out to be because of the very begging.

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Friday, 9 January 2009


  • Magic (harry potter)
  • Sci-Fi (space)
  • Old Action (Medieval)
  • Surreal (Made up but believable)
  • World Switching (going into a different world - Alice in wonderland)
Character types:

  • Quiet black horse
  • Cocky bastard
  • Nerd
  • Action no brains eg Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bad guy
  • Mental
  • Child Hero
Visual Images:

  • Woodland
  • Urban
  • Church
  • Rural
  • Sports hall
  • College
Narrative Scenarios:

  • good vs evil
  • Jealousy
  • revenge
  • political
  • romance
  • honor
  • protection
  • sport

  • music
  • sound effects
  • natural sound
  • singing
  • speech
Production styles:

  • special effects
  • animation
  • different camera angles
  • variety of shot speeds
  • varied lighting

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Analysis of Lion, Witch and the Wardobe opening sequence.

This Opening sequence gives the viewer an insight into the background story of the film, showing you that it is set during the blitz. It is shown in two views from the perspective of the German pilots and a London family. The sequence is showing the family evacuating into the bomb shelter, this gives the viewer a preview of the main characters personalities. Giving you a run down of the main characters starting with the most important.
The cinematography of this sequence, gives the atmosphere of London during the blitz and the impact it had on the citizens. The editing in this sequence includes many jump shots to represent the pace and intensity that the characters are experiencing.
The music in this opening sequence starts off quite fast pace when it is showing the Germans; which shows that they are the bad guys. When it switches to the view of the family it has an even faster tempo of music to show the trouble and danger that they're in. Once they're all in the bomb shelter the music was more sympathetic because the audience realizes that all Edmund was trying to do was get the picture of his Dad who had gone away to fight.
Overall, the sequence is straight into an action theme; because of this it entices the audience to watch more because if it had a boring and long opening sequence the audience will lose interest and may not watch to the end of the film.

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Friday, 28 November 2008